Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gyoza (Potstickers)

Today's recipe is adapted from a cooking blog called Steamy Kitchen.  At first, she talks about her time living in Japan.  Then she posts great pictures showing step-by-step instructions and a recipe for making authentic Gyoza.  
So, here's a link to that post:    (click here)

We modified the recipe a bit in Thursday's class, to tweak the flavors a bit.  Just a bit more sugar in the filling, more scallions as well, and the addition of fresh cilantro.
Also, in the dipping sauce, we changed the ratio to equal parts soy sauce and vinegar, and the addition of 1/2 tbsp sugar.  The original version turns out way too salty!
When cooking the dumplings, I used canola oil instead of sesame;  much less expensive and more sensible for heating.

When looking for ingredients for asian recipes here in Olympia, I usually try the following stores:

On the west side:   Capital Market  2419 Harrison Ave. NW
In Lacey:    Hong Phat Market 1107 College St. SE

Not only are these some of the only places I know to find gyoza wrappers (in the freezer section), but also really good prices on produce (cilantro, napa cabbage, scallions) and meat.  The soy sauce, rice vinegar, chili paste, miso paste and sesame oil are all found there too.  And at much better prices than the chain grocery stores.

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