Saturday, August 29, 2009

lucie gets addicted to wasabi


colorful summer bounty

we have planted a wonderful garden this year. 
we dug the plot ourselves and brought in loads of yummy, rich soil.
this sunflower is almost two feet taller than the garage roof.
this pumpkin (or squash?) is a volunteer.  no one knows who planted this vine, and it is taking over the whole garden.
these cherry tomatoes are from Karen's garden, across the street.
and the blackberries are the fruit of the vine I cannot discourage from growing between our yard and Charlie's.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

gearing up for fall

can't deny that end of summer is near.  
still enjoying food from the garden.  just got the season's pickles done.
hoping for at least one more heat wave.  need a few more visits to the quarry.
got to get in one or two more camping trips.  have my sights on lena lake.
ideas for fall classes include: 
korean chop che,  african sweet potato something, lots of french food (a la julia)


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